Jason's father and grandmother, took over a moving company in Winter Park, FL, and skillfully transformed it into the largest independent mover in the Orlando area by 1985. Under Gary's leadership at J&J Metro, a strategic purchase of a 1-acre property paid off handsomely, significantly boosting cash flow and setting the stage for the creation of MoveitPro. The company adeptly navigated numerous challenges, from rising interest rates that discouraged moving to the complex shift from traditional marketing methods to the dynamic world of social media. Gary underscores the crucial role of adaptability, the importance of employee integrity, and his deep gratitude for his team's dedication to protecting clients' property. This blog post delves into these themes, sharing rich insights from Gary and Jason's engaging podcast, complete with humorous anecdotes about creative problem-solving and memorable employee experiences.

  1. Gary bought a moving company that had been in business in Solana Ave, Winter Park, FL.
  2. By 1985, it became the largest independent moving company in the Orlando, FL area.
  3. Gary bought his first piece of land, a 1-acre property, and after 10 years, he paid off the mortgage, significantly increasing cash flow.
  4. The building on this land was used as the startup location for MoveitPro.
  5. A major challenge for movers arose when interest rates increased significantly, discouraging people from moving.
  6. Gary expresses his gratitude to the hard workers who prioritized the protection of his clients' property.
  7. Marketing has drastically changed over the years, transitioning from yellow pages and referrals to social media, which was not an easy shift.
  8. Adaptability is necessary for a successful business, and embracing change is crucial.
  9. Jason uses Blockbuster as an example of a business that was afraid of change and how it negatively impacted their business.
  10. Gary shares a story of losing one of his biggest clients due to an employee's lack of integrity, emphasizing that integrity in employees is vital for customer satisfaction.
  11. Jason and Gary end the podcast on a funny note, sharing experiences with employees and their creative problem-solving methods.
Announcement - MCO Podcast is NOW Shift Happens

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Announcement - MCO Podcast is NOW Shift Happens

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped podcast, "Shift Happens: Beyond The Boxes," hosted by the dynamic Jason Bergenske,...

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