Ryan's journey into entrepreneurship began with an injury that sparked his decision to start a moving company. Starting modestly with a $5 Craigslist ad and yard signs, his business gained traction. The adoption of MoveitPro CRM was transformative, significantly reducing stress and freeing up time. Ryan's business thrives on four key principles: Reviews, Rankings, Repeat Customers, and Referrals. Each customer interaction is seen as a networking opportunity, illustrated by a memorable experience with a well-known client. Originally planning to enter the corporate world, Ryan's life took a better turn with his successful business venture. To diversify, he launched "The Local Cleaners," expanding his services for movers. Ryan and his partner Jason rely on data-driven decisions, believing numbers provide essential insights. Their experience at the Legends Retreat left them inspired and motivated to continue their growth and commitment to excellence.

1. While working, Ryan injured himself, leading to an epiphany: he wanted to start his own moving company.

2. Ryan initiated his business with a simple $5 ad on Craigslist, marking the modest start of his entrepreneurial journey.

3. To increase awareness, Ryan began marketing through yard signs, strategically placed to attract local customers.

4. The adoption of MoveitPro CRM revolutionized his business, dramatically reducing stress and saving time, allowing Ryan to reinvest his energy into other areas.

5. Ryan emphasizes the importance of four key principles: Reviews, Rankings, Repeat Customers, and Referrals, which have become the cornerstone of his business strategy.

6. Viewing each customer as a networking opportunity, Ryan recounts a memorable experience helping a surprisingly well-known individual, underscoring the importance of connections.

7. Initially planning to complete college and secure a corporate job, Ryan's venture into the moving industry significantly altered his life trajectory for the better.

8. Always seeking to enhance his services, Ryan launched "The Local Cleaners," expanding his business offerings to provide comprehensive support for those moving.

9. Both Ryan and Jason stress the importance of data, agreeing that numbers provide critical insights necessary for informed business decisions.

10. Ryan and Jason reflect on their experience at the Legends Retreat, where they felt connected, understood, and inspired, reinforcing their commitment to their business journey.